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I am both - photography workshops, guided tours, event production, family trips.

Trainings in Hebrew and English for a wide audience throughout the country.

You are most welcome to join me on a private tour to explore and discover the real  Jerusalem.

If you want to learn and see Jerusalem in depth, take an expert guide and together we will tailor your visit according to your desires. You can choose between a workshop in photography or a guided tour. 

My tour combines visits to historical sites with a workshop in photography.

Together we will walk along ancient paths and look for good compositions with the ambient light.  
These tours are for all levels, so whether you are a pro or an amateur with a cellphone 

you will surely meet lots of interesting people and experience Jerusalem like a local.
You can also plan with me a multiple tour which includes other parts of Jerusalem, the
West bank, desert landscapes, urban Tel Aviv and much more.


/ Also available for large groups / 

The Four Quarters

The Four Quarters

Bestseller of the old city, recommended for those who visit for the first time. A tour of the Old City with its highlights + visit Temple Mount – during weekdays.

Gatsamne and Mount of Olives

Gatsamne & Mount of Olives

Religious traditions with an emphasis on Christianity. a nice hike down hill with beautiful panoramic scenes and exotic churches.

A passage in time

A Passage in Time

Visit the Jewish ultra orthodox neighborhoods, which preserve a unique way of life. *dress code required.

Around the walls

Around The Walls

A circular tour for those who like hiking off the beaten track. You can also combine a walk on the wall ramparts + a 360 degree panoramic view.

Highlights of the Israel museum

Highlights of the Israel Museum

Jerusalem World’s Leading Art And Archaeology Museum. Explore with me the gems of the museum.

Underground Jerusalem

Underground Jerusalem

For archeology and history enthusiasts, you can feel like Indiana Jones for the day. Visit the western wall tunnels and the biblical city of David.

The melting pot

The Melting Pot 

Meet the Israeli people in Machne Yehuda market, a colorful and delicious tour between old and new culinary institutions.

Go west

 Go West

Jerusalem is dotted with historical European buildings all within walking distance. This tour is for those who love history, architecture & art.

Photography Workshops