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  • Photography tour? or guided tour?
    As a National guide I have been working with many incoming groups, families, private guests, and business people on guided tours. As a photography guide I have also done many workshops/ photo walks for many foreign and Israeli photographers. So, do you prefer an urban walk? Explore markets? More history? More photography? Or maybe use a private car ? I can tailor and offer you a program for your vacation in Israel and a plan for your stay in Jerusalem. You are welcome to ask for different itineraries.
  • Jerusalem photo tour - what's the deal ?
    On this walking tour you will see a lot of aspects of the old city and beyond. Observing the streets and alleys. Exchange smiles and interact with the locals, Together we will follow the light, look for perfect compositions, wait patiently compose good photos. along the workshop I will teach you basic and advanced features on your camera. while taking photos I will review your work and give some useful tips.
  • What is the difference between a photography guide and a fixer?
    As a photography guide I teach and advise amateur photographers. As a fixer I escort skilled photographers and create the short cuts needed: I know many people, great locations, perfect timings and most important is the language barrier - I can open doors for you!
  • ​What makes this tour different from other tours?
    1. My portfolio is a good way to find out the level and my skills. 2. My experience, I have been operating this tour since 2016, with lots of positive feedback. 3. I do all sorts of photography: reportage, street, fine art, portrait, landscapes and urban. 4. Being a licensed tour guide from the department of tourism surely makes a difference. 5. Only licensed guides are covered by insurance in terms of any accident.
  • I want to hire a guide and tour other parts of Israel
    no problem, I have escorted lots visitors all over Israel, you can hire me with my SUV vehicle - up to three people. for larger groups I can hire a bigger vehicle.
  • Can I bring a non-photographer partner?
    Yes you can, your partner will get lots of attention and hear lots of historic facts about the city, we will find together the perfect blend between photography, sight seeing and having fun.
  • What do you recommend I bring along for the photo tour / workshop?
    Your sense of adventure and fun, and off course your camera. Besides that? Walking shoes, and please dress modest. don't forget to bring extra battery + charger and memory card. Incase you are short of any equipment please let me know.
  • What kind of camera should I carry for these tours ?
    Every camera that can take a picture is good .the best camera is the one that you have with you. I guide all levels of photography from cell phones to professional gear. For DSLR or mirror-less cameras it advised to bring 2 lenses ( wide angle and mid range). Tripod and flash are not necessary. Make sure your bag is not too heavy - try even to come without a bag.
  • What’s the weather ?
    Rain or shine, everyday is good day for photography. Jerusalem enjoys about 300 days of sunshine, winter is mild and it hardly rains much. rainy days are great opportunities for creative photography. please also note that many streets in Jerusalem are covered.
  • What about level of physical fitness ?
    Age is not a concern so long as you are physically fit and a good walker. I adjust the pace and the walking distances according to my guests. pls do not bring too much heavy gear.
  • Are there any extra charges ?
    In case you want to visit a museum or any other tourist attraction - the cost of entry fees. in case you want to visit other neighborhoods which are not within walking distance - public transportation. ​
  • I don’t want to take pictures myself, can I hire you to take pictures for me ?
    Not a problem. Just let me know your requirements and schedule and I will provide exactly what you need. ​
  • Is it OK to take candid pictures of people ?
    Taking pictures of people in public places is allowed, however if people object the camera and do not feel comfortable we need to respect them and let go. By generating good vibes we can always "break the ice" and create a nice situation for a good portrait, When I take pictures of the locals I always try to give a print on my next visit, sometimes on WhatsApp or email.
  • How do I book a tour? payment?
    Send me a message with the date/s you are interested and any other questions. and I will send you my availability and price. Payment - all tours should be paid for with cash USD, EURO or NIS only. paying through Paypal 4 % will be added.
  • Where do we meet?
    Most tours in Jerusalem begin at the entrance to Jaffa gate. time will be advised. when you get there look for the man with the hat. see you soon. ​
  • Terms & Conditions
    Please note all tours operate subject to the following terms and conditions. All tours operate subject to my availability - I reserve the right to cancel a tour in advance or on the day of a tour if: 1. I consider the prevailing weather conditions are extreme and unsuitable . 2. I consider it unsafe to operate, I am unable to operate due to circumstances beyond my control. 3. When on occasion of travel disruption, illness, events taking place in Jerusalem or circumstances beyond my control prevent me from operating. I do not accept any personal or financial liability should any of my tours not operate. The old City walking tour requires walking continuously with some breaks for refreshment. Some cobbled paths are encountered and surfaces can on occasion be uneven and slippery. Walking up and down stairs is required and there are a couple of places on the tour route which may be difficult for people with limited mobility. On all tours I operate, children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. All tours are covered by insurance incase of any physical accident ( licensed guides can acquire insurance as travel agents - beware of copycats).
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