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Travelers Choice 2022


There is an old saying in Hebrew "A good name is better than a good oil" and the simple translation is that a good name

is better than any goods. This saying means that it is always better to earn a little less and maintain a good image reputation.

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones (proverbs 16,24)

I have a lot of experience guiding tourist groups in Israel and around the world since 1997, the compliments,

smiles and love I receive are my fuel. To this day, I received hundreds of thank you letters and made many friends in the world, some of whom I am still in touch with today. Here is a small collection of reviews published on the Tripadvisor website,

welcome to read.


Great Experience | 26.8.22

Simon was terrific - from both photography and personality standpoints. We went with our 19-year-old son, and Simon was able to connect with him as well as my wife and I. He has a great rapport with the local community, we saw some very interesting parts of Jerusalem/The Old City that were off the beaten path that we did not see on a trip we took a few years ago.

He is equally comfortable with DSLR and smart phone cameras, and can talk to camera literate experts as easily as

with casual iPhone users. Highly recommend. David S – New York City >

Brings your photography skills to another level | 5.6.22

I have spent a few days in Jerusalem and a whole day with Simon exploring the Old City and the Mea Shearim district.

Simon is a mine of information about Jerusalem and Israeli culture and politics, as well as a talented photographer and tutor. Whatever your experience as a photographer, Simon will make sure you bring home the best pictures you can manage to shoot. Spending a whole day with Simon has a price but it is an investment much more interesting than buying another new lens.   Cimmerianbloke - Rixensart, Belgium >

A tour of the old city of Jerusalem- not to be missed | 4.12.21
I highly recommend a wonderful tour that I did two days ago in the old city of Jerusalem with tour guide and photographer par excellence, Simon Beni. We travelled in time down the history of the ancient city with stories and information that Simon gave us. We wondered through the alleyways and markets and were taught how to use light and dark to take photos. Simon chats to everybody which adds to the atmosphere. He is helpful and considerate and fun to be with. If you are interested in seeing the old city through the eyes of a camera lens this is the guide for you.

Jaye S - Tel Aviv  >

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