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Jerusalem tour guide



I'm Simon, and I've been teaching photography and in tourism for about 25 years. I have the best job in the world...

I work most of the time in the open air, travel a lot on foot, take pictures and meet people.

Actually I am a second generation tour guide, I got the love for history and travel from my father.

I like to travel through time through stories and pictures.

In my twenties when I set out on my journey I had no direction, I continued searching like any young man and I continued to walk the path, the path led me to where I am today. At a young age I started taking pictures as a hobby, historical photographs were a kind of magic for me, I liked to look at the world that has passed and passed. And so I naturally turned to studies

at Tel Aviv University where I specialized in general history and archeology of the Land of Israel

and the cultures of the ancient Near East.

Several years later I was trained to be a tour guide/guide on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism.

Fortunately, I traveled and led many groups around the world and acquired extensive knowledge of different cultures and meetings with people. Every tour guide brings with him knowledge and experiences he has acquired over the years and so do I.

In my tutorials I combine several areas of interest: photography, history, culture and religions and of course life itself - visiting markets and restaurants.

In 2006 I decided to create a niche tour that combines my two main loves: photography and history. Happily it is very successful. Different guests come to my tours, but they all have something in common - they all take pictures. In the digital age when photography has become the common property, cheap, fast and easy to operate, there is a growing demand for professional photography workshops and photographer tours for amateurs who take pictures with the smartphone device.

Jerusalem is of course an ideal place for a vacation of several days that combines everything a tourist is looking for:

good hotels, good restaurants, many museums, many historical sites and great cultural diversity expressed in the many ethnic groups that make up the human mosaic of the city.


As part of my training as a tour guide for jerusalem photography , I studied for two years in an in-depth and intensive course the topics related to guidance in Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular. Just like every Israeli tour guide/ guide who carries a certificate. Licensed guides are qualified to act as agents, organize tour packages, guide and drive designated vehicles, and of course there is insurance coverage intended for tour guides. Safety first!

A tour guide is the one who will take care of you from the beginning of the trip to the end, when you hire a professional

guide you are in good and loving hands, just like that. Sometimes problems arise and it is important to have someone who will take care of you like a loved relative. Of course, a tour guide will take care of all the necessary shortcuts and arrangements, remove worry, hiring a guide saves time and prevents contact with dubious people and merchants.

A tour guide with many years of experience brings with him vast knowledge, which is conveyed in a didactic and clear manner adapted to different audiences and different ages. It is important to coordinate expectations before the start of the trip, and thus trust will be built between both parties. Very quickly a tour guide will become a new friend for life, a tour guide becomes an unforgettable memory for his guests. And of course a good guide is the ambassador of the best of his country.

Saying this modestly, I answer these categories, I am proud of my country and enjoy hosting people in Israel.


It is definitely fun to travel alone and "get lost" exploring new streets and neighborhoods without the mediation of a tour guide, Israel is a safe country, there is a pleasant feeling when you travel in the evening in the different cities. The Israelis are nice and hospitable people, it is recommended to take advantage of the free time and meet the residents directly. To the independent photographers who visit me, I always recommend that they help me find additional locations for the next day.

There is no disputing the benefits of a travel guide and even more so when it comes to planning and a trip of several days.

There are places in the world in general and in Israel in particular where it is definitely recommended to hire a guide in order to get an initial orientation and comprehensive explanations in museums or sites with religious or historical content.

Another important factor is the language barrier, a tour guide will open doors for you thanks to familiarity with

local customs and connections with the relevant parties. A tour guide saves time, frustration and effort,

the extensive experience of a tourist will make the difference and you will have an unforgettable experience.

But of course the experience of hiring a guide is a function of money.


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