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Featured on Discovery Channel

Hi, I'm Simon -  Born in 1968. Live in Shoham - which is close to the airport.

I studied History and Archaeology at Tel Aviv University and am a second generation tour guide.

For the past 20 years I have been leading groups mostly to Asia and Europe.

As a national licensed Israeli tour guide I have guided many visitors all over Israel,

I am very fortunate to do what I love + getting to know and discovering lots of new places and faces. 

looking for Jerusalem Tour Guide Reviews ? There are hundreds in my site.


I am self taught in photography and fine arts and I have worked as a teacher of photography in a high school for 5 years. teaching old school photography: BW film and dark room processing.  As a photographer I seek to visualize a scene before it happens, often waiting to capture a moment that will hopefully then become a great photo. 


So you could say I wear 2 hats -- my 2 hobbies history and photography fuse together into a tour - Jerusalem photo tour. For the past 6 years I designed a program in which my guests get to know Jerusalem from a different point of view, taking pictures and meeting interesting people.   I am excited to welcome you to Jerusalem...

as a client, as a dear guest, and most of all, as a friend.  


In December 2021 my pictures were displayed in the Israeli pavilion as part of the international world Expo in Dubai.

The name of the exhibition “Light and Jerusalem" displaying the beauty of the city and its visitors. 


 - locations to photograph iconic landmarks

- locations for photographing events and people

- Photography basics (if needed, for beginners)

- Street photography tips, tricks, and composition

- Camera settings and advanced techniques

- Telling stories, capturing gesture, expression, & emotion Street portraiture  


 - I Love Photography - Tailor Made Itineraries  - Licensed tour guide

- Expert Knowledge - Flexible & Adaptable - Integrity & Authenticity 

 - My Local Friends  - Value for money

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