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Young Israelis play soccer



Israel offers a plethora of historical and religious sites, beach resorts, archaeological sites, heritage tourism,

and ecotourism, With its rich history and diverse landscape,  Israel has become a favorite destination for photographers.  

Since Israel is a small country, it is possible to do a day tour of the West bank, the Judean desert or explore urban Tel Aviv and nostalgic Jaffa by night.  Travelingand exploring the country is fairly easy. People are friendly and the

majority of Israelis speak good English.

Jerusalem photo tour is of course a must, but perhaps you would like to plan a more extensive itinerary.

 Hiring a guide\fixer will be very helpful for a deeper understanding of the sites and the culture.

Moreover in Israel, there are plenty of sites and events which are seasonal.
I cover a lot of areas and open to new challenges:  guiding, producing, fixing locations and of course,

teach photography in various styles. Drop me a line and let me help you plan your Itinerary for Israel.

If you fancy an urban tour start at the picturesque port town of Jaffa and a step away is Tel Aviv - the white city - an amazing

place for taking pictures of colorful abstracts, soaring skyscrapers next to Bauhaus buildings, visit one of many museums,

enjoy urban living, end the day at the beach where we can chill out and take some lovely sunset and silhouette pictures.  
Or a tour to the desert in an SUV car to reach the famous biblical landscapes of the Judean desert which is half an hour’s drive away from Jerusalem and meet the local Bedouin shepherds, historic ruins and secluded monasteries.

A trip to Bethlehem and Jericho which are in the west bank is a good idea in order to get

a broader perspective on the politics of the region. 
Drive below sea level and reach the Dead sea - the lowest place on earth with its ethereal feel is a heaven for landscape photographers. After sunrise photography we can hike up Ein Gedi gorge and if we are lucky we might spot the local mountain goat the Ibex. En route North drive along the Jordan valley and reach Tiberias  and the Sea of Galilee.

 You might even consider staying 1-2  nights in the picturesque Golan heights with lots of ancient synagogues, Biblical and Christian sites and majestic scenery. On your way back to the center of Israel do pay a visit to Caesarea and Acre.

​Heading down south is another option, the Negev Desert with Eilat and the Red Sea as an extension tour.

if you have reached this far... you can even hop for a day to our neighbor Jordan and visit magical Petra. 
​ Come to Israel, you will love it!  And as Napoleon said in the past: A good sketch is better than a long speech.

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